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BKA Seized a Darknet Child Abuse Forum

For five weeks, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Frankfurt announced, German law enforcement investigated a darknet child abuse forum. The forum, known as “Elysium,” only appeared in December of last year. However, between December 2016 and July 2017, the forum had already attracted 87,000 members. On July 6, the Prosecutor’s Office announced that law enforcement removed the site and arrested a dozen of the priority suspects.

On June 12, the Federal Criminal Police Office raided an apartment in the Limburg-Weilburg district. The apartment belonged to a 39-year-old male that served as the forum administrator and technical admin. While raising his apartment, the BKA found the server that hosted the illicit forum. In one fell swoop, authorities ended the administrator and the forum itself.

This is much like the other prominent forum (or marketplace) takedowns conducted by the BKA or Central Office for Combating Internet Crime (ZIT). In 2016, they conducted a much more widespread raid against the owners and admins of the UE forums a.k.a., the Underground Economy (Forums).

An excerpt from the press release on what the UE forums were:

“The investigations are directed against the suspected operators and users of various German-speaking UE forums, on which illegal goods such as weapons, narcotics [various drugs], counterfeit money, fake official IDs [types of IDs], and stolen data [credit cards]. In addition, the targets included criminal services, such as the infection of computers with malware or DDoS attacks, tutorials and illegal streaming services.”

Top three links are for the former DiDW.

During their raid of 69 houses, apartments, and other locations, the BKA seized drugs, guns, money, computers, and of course – servers. “The BKA succeeded in confiscating several servers in France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, and Russia, on which criminal online marketplaces were operated,” the press release read. And while on a much larger scale, this is nearly identical to the most recent raid.

In addition to the 39-year-old admin, the BKA arrested 17 suspects from various locations. Three, not counting the original admin, were arrested in Germany. And 14, all of them suspected users of the site, were arrested in Austria.

The child abuse forum, Elysium, hosted “bizarre” content, the police said. A sense of urgency was required as the site promoted “serious sexual abuse” and “serious sexual violence” against children. Some of the arrested suspects were accused of facilitating the distribution of child abuse material on the darknet, but some committed acts of sexual advise against children themselves.

An investigation into the remaining members, along with the 17 currently in custody, is underway. The 39-year-old, at the District Court of Giessen, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his role in spreading child abuse material.


  1. Good for them that kind of stuff is just horrible. People like that do not deserve any type of chance once they are caught it should be life in prison. I know they do some shady stuff on the Deep Web but all the Hackers, Drug Dealers even the so called Hitman for hire all agree on one thing that the Child Porn Freaks must be stopped at any cost! I love reading articles like this it just makes me feel good that another sick bastard is off the streets.


  2. sick twisted and vile animals! put every single down- ill do it for free

  3. 30 years in jail just for hosting a server where people were allowed to chat with free speech…

    And people here think THEY (pedos) are the bad ones, while hitmen are much better?

    The real criminals don’t hate pedophiles because pedophiles are worse. Real criminals look up to bad people (murderers, kidnappers, torturers and so on). The worst criminals in the world are probably the drug cartel leaders in South America, and they have tribute songs written for them.

    The reason “everybody” hates pedos, is that they are a persecuted minority that you are “allowed” to hate. They are not dangerous at all, or people would be afraid of revenge from them, and criminals would respect them more. In actual fact, pedos are the “gays”, “heathens” or “witches” of our time, and they should have special protections.

    Instead, they are persecuted by the police. Who are fine with videos of children being brutally murdered in war or by drug cartels, but who demand backdoors on every single computer to censor pictures of smiling, naked children…

    This whole situation is messed up. The cops are the abusers, and the imprisoned pedos are often the only victims in their own case.

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